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Shin Ai Do Karate
- Classes -
Class Times
Tuesdays from 8pm to 9:30pm
QE Park Centre, Guildford
There are three payment options for training sessions:
There is also a 36 yearly licence fee for members (includes insurance).
What to Bring
Clothing suitable for training (either a Karate Gi or loose clothing).
Protective gear (not required for beginners).
Suitable drink (if required - note that there are no vending machines at our hall).

What to Expect
Classes are structured in four week programmes, for example agility, strength, speed etc.
Each class consists of a warm-up, technical training, cool-down. 
Most of our training is conducted with a partner.
Other Important Information
Please note that we are fully insured and are registered with the British Combat Karate Association.  Our students are also provided with member-to-member insurance once they become a member of our club.
All instructors are qualified first aiders.
Additional beginners information is available here.
2019 LB Posture Training
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