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Shin Ai Do Karate
- Beginners -
It's always tricky to know if you'll like something unless you give it a go!  That's why we offer our beginners their first two sessions for free.  If after this period you decide that Shin Ai Do is for you then you can become a member of the club.
What to Wear?
As a beginner there is no need to wear the standard Karate Suit (known in Japanese as a Gi).  Just wear loose clothing that you feel comfortable in, for example a t-shirt and jogging bottoms. 
Please note that during training we do not wear shoes so there is no need for trainers.
Gradings (for coloured belts)
In Shin Ai Do we do not force our students to grade - you set your pace and priorities.  If you wish to follow the traditional Karate grading system that's fine, we will test you when we feel that you are ready.  However, if you wish to just train and learn we are happy with this too.  In this case we will again grade you when we feel that you are ready, but you will not be expected to memorize Japanese words and philosophies. 
Adaption Phase
Please be aware that the first few weeks of training are likely to be the most difficult as your body gets used to the physical exercises that we do.  This is perfectly normal and so we pay specific attention to new starters to make sure that they progress within their own abilities.
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