Growing unpopularity of Karate

Karate is a popular traditional Asian fighting style that you have probably come across in old Asian movies where there are two opponents fighting each other. In most cases, there is always a conflict that is being solved between the two parties, with the main protagonist plus an antagonist. While growing up with such movies, there was always a desire to become like those experienced karate fighters. Unfortunately, this dream never materialized for most individuals since there were many distracting factors. The current 21st-century lifestyle differs a lot from the traditional lifestyles that people lived in the previous centuries. Today, a lot of time is spent in academics which is followed closely by work that goes hand in hand with family responsibilities. You’ll notice that there is hardly any free time left to participate in extra-martial arts activities.

Truth be told, karate is slowly

Truth be told, karate is slowly becoming unpopular with most individuals preferring to learn other martial arts that are more effective to them. This has not just happened out of an accident, but there is definitely a logical reason why it is happening. To unravel in detail why it’s happening, it is good to have a good understanding of self-defense. The main teaching in most martial arts skills is usually to use the gained skills for purposes of self-defense without applying harm to innocent people. With the current modernization of the present society, it implies that most things have evolved, among them violence. Violence is a problem that never started yesterday, but its dynamics have evolved with time. It means that you’ll possibly be attacked in a different way than you would have at least a few years back.

Growing unpopularity of Karate

Sadly, karate is quickly becoming unpopular because critics cite it as ineffective in handling modern violence. It takes a long time to efficiently learn the skills, meaning that you will be sacrificing some significant amount of your time to attend lessons. Even as a pro, there are high chances that you will never apply the skills. Modern violence has evolved since muggers and robbers will use different silent attacking skills to get what they want.

It can be an effective fighting tool when fighting against a completely weak person with no fighting experience. Anyway, this is far from the reality since you will be quickly outshined by others with superior boxing abilities. Other than the conditions of violence in the present century, people’s needs have also significantly changed which throws a shade on the usefulness of karate. There are those who still learn the skill, but mainly as a sport to keep the skill alive.