Is Karate an Art or a Sport

Karate had been there for several years with people practicing hard, and taking everything as a way of life. Funakoshi was the man who first came up with the idea of starting karate lectures. It was art meant for defense purposes. Although karate was not so common in most nations, today it is an art being practiced in almost every nation. Based on the owner it is proved that Funakoshi understands karate to be an art. Although people use it differently it is meant for defense actions for a person who gets attacked.

Based on its name, karate is

Based on its name, karate is also called martial art which is a name that has lasted for years. Martial arts according to the leaders are not supposed to be applied as a sport. Leaders in Japan and China illustrate quite well that these arts were developed for different purposes. Since this is widely used, people keep demonstrating karate in open areas for education purposes. Karate should not be confused with sports as sports are meant for entertainment. Initially, there were no points awarded in Karate, and as trainees have a good understanding that in sports there must be a winner. The winner will only be determined by awarding points to every participant based on the skill exhibited.

Is Karate an Art or a Sport

A karate teacher noticed some behaviors among the people who were not training hard, but had a passion to understand those skills. Awarded points were introduced at that stage to ensure that guys work hard to gain more skills. Although those points were not for sporting purposes, they were used to ensure that the community is interested in this art, and it is through practicing hard that new skills get developed. In sports, guys keep trying their best to win and earn rewards, but Karate founders explain that even a demonstration of those skills is a win. This means that martial arts are more unique compared to sports.

Ohshima introduced the awarding of points in karate that was in 1950. Based on karate books, karate is an art that means, when practiced as a sport in obtaining the winner, then that is not karate, but boxing. Being sport-like doesn’t mean that it should be a sport that, according to Funakoshi, came up with those great ideas. Karate is taken as a way of living especially in China land and Japanese land. Being a unique art its revolution has led it to emerge as the best with many countries practicing.